easycut_273_md EasyCut is the blade for you! You will no longer need to think more in teeth per inches
(TPI), type of tooth or tooth set, since we offer just one blade
for any size of the work piece to be cut. It’s that easy!
Why is it so simple? We have developed a unique and
innovative tooth type which allows to cut a broader product
range. This means that the same blade cuts a wider range
of materials and forms.

The gears have between 50 and 136 teeth; they can work within an angle between 7.2° and 2.6°.
This means that when you fasten a hex head screw:

  • With a regular combination wrench, you need 30° to reach the next corner of the screw head
  • With Bahco ratcheting wrench in less than 6° and without taking out the ring end from the screw head – so you will work much fasterQUICK AND EASY DIRECTION CHANGE• The new lever is versatile, smooth and as a result; quick and easy to work with.
  • Protected against potential unintended hits.GUARANTEED BAHCO QUALITY• Bahco ratcheting wrenches surpass the torque requirements defined in ISO standards for standard combination wrenches.
  • The wrenches pass a cycle test where we apply a torque equivalent to 125% of the ISO standard for 50.000 times.ULTRA COMPACT BODY AND HEADThe new 1RM series gives you all potential thanks to the new gear that is fully integrated in the body of the wrench. It gives you more accessibility to restricted working areas.

Download Catalog: Bahco Catalog 2013